Honda Forumers Riders Community or simply HFRC, was conceived by forumers of Honda Philippines to bring camaraderie to their fellow forumer who does not have any club of their own.

HFRC officially became a group on August 10, 2008 where several forumers agreed to have their first ever eyeball (EB) ride to Marilaque. HFRC then selected their official community logo.

HFRC is not considered as a club but a community of HONDA owners who frequent the Honda forum, because of this, HFRC does not have any officers. The community simply accept new members by simply registering to Honda Forums and at the same time to HFRC website. Thus, because of this, HFRC has registered members from Luzon to Mindanao. We don’t also have other requirements other than owning a Honda Motorcycle. But due to the location of the different members, HFRC Manila has a hard time meeting with other members located North and South of Manila.

HFRC members had already done several EBs and rides. The community had already done the south loop (Calamba-Quezon-Cainta). The first batch of HFRC members had already their Honda Plant Visit. Some members had went to Infanta, Quezon.

As of the moment, the group has 168 (active and inactive) registered members on its site.

HFRC website is being maintained and moderated by COOLWORLD, as his contribution to the ever growing Honda owners in the Philippines.